15 Years Later. No. We Will Never Forget

WTC Towers





d that day and didn’t know about it at first. I had a premonition when I went past a normally busy airport and saw only empty skies. I had several premonitions that year though. It had been a very bad year and I had changed jobs three times to get past that January so I wrote it off.

Then the traffic disappeared and I knew something was up. I stopped for a late lunch and found out. It left me feeling so alone and vulnerable.

You can say you will never forget and this year you can prove it. Get out there and vote. Make those memories count.

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    Damn thing ate half of my first sentence. You can figure it out.


      I vote every time – or at least have for the past 5 – 6 cycles, and wouldn’t miss this one if someone paid me.

      It sounds like your world was already tore up to some degree – no wonder you felt like you did. It doesn’t come as any surprise most of us recollect where we were, what we were doing, or how we felt on that day.


Never forget.
I stand by you, Donna and Carolynn! 😥 Sending love and prayers.

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