First Sentence Friday!

This is the week I’m all caught up!  From here on out it’s one sentence through Chapter 28, which will post on Friday, October 28th right before the official launch on Tuesday, November 1st.

The good news?  By then some of you will actually have the book since pre-orders start shipping October 25th!



The next morning, the kitchen was cold and silent.

the education of dixie dupree


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Wow! That’s a reverse teaser. (Which is why I spelled “wow” backwards, to foreshadow the reverse of the next sentence. Oh, you already picked that up? Never mind.) It makes me wonder about the LAST sentence of chapter 7!

Before you close the door on me … I’m super curious about the editor you mention in your note to Craig. I’m on the fence about getting an editor. It’s a tall fence too. Can’t decide which way to fall. So yeah, I’d be curious if she’s particular about genres. Like, what does she think of suspense?

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    You totally crack me up. But – of course you do. You’re a nut. 🙂

    The only thing she doesn’t do are steampunk/vampires – so, you’re good. (Assuming you’re writing suspense/crime sort of book) I have her info – email/phone number. Email me and I’ll pass it along if you want to reach out and see if you’re a good fit.

    Just so you know…I’ve not worked with this editor, but she and I connected on Facebook through some other writers I know.


Ha! You made me go look. Next Friday’s will be short too. Honestly though, you are being WAY too kind.

I don’t necessarily like parting with $ any more than the next person, but I’d read time and again about the value of using one – especially if you’re like me, and had no formal training or schooling. It was the next logical step in my mind once I had the first draft written, and edited to the best of my own abilities. I’d had no way to know if what I’d written was garbage or good. The freelance editor I used – I SO wish I could refer you to her – worked in the publishing industry for years. She worked with a lot of well known authors. I wanted an objective opinion by someone who knew what they were talking about.

Brad Taylor is one of the authors she helped launch a career. Simon Van Booy. There were tons of others, but her website has been taken down where all that was listed, so, those are the only ones I can remember.

What’s nice is, a lot of them will offer to do one read through and give you an editorial letter – if that’s all you want. Sometimes it’s enough. Sometimes an editor will work with you X pages at a time. Just so happens I recently connected with another editor who works like that…and with first time authors. Not sure if she’s particular about genre, but I could find out. So, if you change your mind – let me know.


Finally, a sentence that makes you seem human again. Nice, simple and intriguing.

I had been hanging in the shadows over by the lurker’s bleachers since you reached godhood with those first two sets of first sentences. They blew me away and scared the shit out of me.

I went back and realized I had written nothing to compare. Now you are at least not too far above my level and that scares me even more. What will next Friday do?

I have a simple question. I know that you are a fan of paying for an editor. I am not. I hope to make a big enough impression on my own to secure an agent before finding an editor. How much did your editor pressure you to come up with such impressive first lines?


Talk about a spoiler-free, yet intriguing sentence! 🙂


    I’m going to have to do some fancy finagling for a couple chapters where there IS a spoiler in the first sentence…but, that’s okay. It only makes it more fun! 😉


Such a short and perfect sentence, Donna! Now I must know why the kitchen was cold and silent, and what will happen next… 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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