WINNERS! We Have Winners!


One of this morning’s winners, Ginger Martin, a friend of mine from my Nortel days, has graciously declined her ARC – which means I can give it to the next person who provided the right answer within the earliest time frame.

Her reasoning?  Well, she was one of my earliest readers, and said she’s already had a sneak peek.  By early I mean, she read it when it had the “fatal flaw” (that was likely in 2010) and then again, when it became a little closer to what it is today, and that version was probably in 2011.

Therefore, AJ Blythe – you’ve won the copy!  Email me at your address so I can send it on to you!


The hints and the expanded picture seemed to do it!

These were the hints:

  1. You hear them on hot summer evenings.
  2. They have wings.

And a bit more enlarged photo:

Secret Pic 2 for ARC of DIXIE DUPREE

This is the prize THREE lucky folks get:


Three have correctly identify what is pictured below!  Two via this blog in the comments and one on Twitter!

Here is the actual “thing” in it’s full glory:


YES!  It is a cicada!  I took this picture last summer.  Tell me that is not the most unusual looking “face” on it’s back?  Striking – and I suppose it’s there to scare off predators.  Poor things…they’re eaten by EVERYTHING.  Squirrels even.  Gross.

Here are the WINNERS!

Ginger Martincommented here on blog at 7:40 a.m.

  1. Sarah Meral – commented via Twitter using #DIXIEDUPREE at 9:10 a.m.
  2. Jennifer Dixon – commented here on blog at 9:14 a.m
  3. AJ Blythe – commented here on blog at 9:37 a.m.

Some of you JUST missed by a few minutes!

Winners, please email me at with your mailing address and I will send you a signed ARC!

I hope you all had fun!  I sure did – especially laughing at some of your crazy answers!



Aw what fun! Wish I hadn’t been a slacker and visited blogs sooner 😉 I used to spend all my summers with these little buggars! …not eating them, though!

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    Well, I’m not one to speak up about my blog in other places very much – like at The Reef – although I did drop the hint there, only I said “soon.” And then held the contest like, the next day? Hmmm. My timing = off.

    Anyway – if you’re on Goodreads, there will be another giveaway there.

    Some don’t like the sound they make, especially when they all get going in unison, but I love it.


Donna, I can’t wait to read this. I really am so excited for you. And I know I have said it before but I just love the cover.


    Thank you Elise! I can’t wait to see the “real” book. I.e. these ARCS are wonderful, but they have a slightly different cover material – as noted on the Queen’s blog. The other ones are more of a matte finish with those french flaps I mentioned. Can we say DAYUM. Yes, we can.


Way to go, winners!

But I still say that “face” looks dead-on like a death’s head moth. 🙂

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Yay for the winners.

I knew it was that bug in Crumps hair. Except there must be hundreds of them, not one lonely creature, that’s my mistake. (Woe is me.) Maybe Carolynn’s flip-flop is what flattens the look and that’s where I went wrong.

Goodreads contest? I think I cancelled my GR account but I may have to re-open it. A Twitter contest would be cool too.

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    Maybe he styles it with her flipflop? I mean, it sort of looks like it flips, then flops?

    Yes, Goodreads – in about a month. This particular contest ran on Twitter and FB simultaneously which makes me sound so organized, but it’s only b/c my blog posts are set up to automatically post on FB and Twitter.

    Re-join if you can. Not sure how many copies I’ll be able to give away, but possibly more than three. 🙂


Well darn. I”m going to have to move to the East Coast. This being 4 hours behind everybody sucks. But I’m happy for the winners. =) Now October has to hurry up and get here!

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    I thought about all these timezones! But! Not to worry…the publicist said we should have a Goodreads contest in about a month. 🙂 Are you on Goodreads?


Bummer. I finally did something (I don’t know what) and got your hyperlink and comments section to show up. Did it right after your contest was over.

No big deal because I would have guessed it was Carolynn’s blown out flip flop. A Cicada never crossed my mind, maybe because they have already started their thing here and it is driving me nuts.

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    CRAIG! I just thought about you yesterday and was wondering if you’d EVER comment again. I couldn’t figure out why you couldn’t see the comment box, and it was bugging me. LOL!
    I’m going to blame 2N’s flip flop for a lot of things around here. I think it’s perfectly rational to do so.
    I don’t blame you for a self-imposed mental block if they’ve started up down there already. Good Lord. The don’t kick into high gear till July here. Sometimes June – but only if it’s been exceptionally hot.


Congrats to the winners (I’m soooo jealous…;-)) …The face the cicadas have on their back is super scary…LOL. ❤ ❤ ❤

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Without the “full glory” picture, I’d have still never nailed it. That is a freaky backside those cicadas are sporting. I’ve never eaten one … yet.

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