Okay, ya’ll.  I’m sorry for making this harder than I expected.  What was I thinking???  No winners, but thank you for making me laugh with some of your guesses.

I could drag this on just to see what you come up with next, but I want WINNERS!

Therefore, here are a few hints:

  1. You hear them on hot summer evenings.
  2. They have wings.

Want one of these?  Yes, yes you do!


The “contest” goes on until I have three winners!

The first three people to correctly identify what is pictured below – now with hints, and an expanded view of this “thing” – will win one copy each.  I will announce all the winners as an update to this post, as soon as I have three.

How to provide your answer:

  1. Blog Follower?  Drop your answer in the comments box for this post.
  2. Following me on my Facebook Author Page?  Drop your answer into the comments area there.
  3. Twitter Follower?  Send your answer via a Tweet and make sure you use #DIXIEDUPREE.

Ready?  Now take a look!  What is it?

Secret Pic 2 for ARC of DIXIE DUPREE

Hmmm.   Maybe not so mysterious now…

Come on!  You got this!

Tell me!



Oh, darn, I think I’m too late!! With your hint, the Cicada was my guess! Wore my brain out yesterday! I’m still getting your book & congrats, again!!!!

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Cicada! I can go to bed and sleep easy now I know *grin*.

I love cicada’s and love the sound they make. Wonder if our species make the same noise as yours? I remember as a kid collecting the moulted skin ’cause it looked so cool. I got to see one moulting once as well.

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    I love their sound too…as to the noise, all I know is when it’s late summer, they get so loud you can hardly have a discussion with someone if you’re outside. It almost gets to the point of being a crescendo! 🙂


How about a Cicada bug?!?
Jen dixon

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Death’s head moth!


so then it has to be a cicada!

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