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Recently, fellow writer Carolynn (in some circles we call her 2N’s) Pianta talked in a three part series about special “messages” on her blog.  Granted I’ve had similar “messages” throughout my life, but today I’m here to talk about three separate “events” over the course of this past week which are downright…odd.  Not oooooo, ghostly odd.  Or even freak out odd.  More like distasteful odd?

Because of what it involves, maybe it’s simply ridiculous or just weirdly coincidental.  Actually, if it weren’t for the fact of what it was about, I wouldn’t have even noticed.

This is likely considered in poor taste, but I was never one to dwell for long on things like that.  🙂

FIRST TIME:  In a too close to home incident, I caught someone urinating – out in public. In my head, I was like, ho boy, um, is that necessary?  Yeah, yeah, when you need to go…BUT.  I called up Blaine and said, “So, uh, I just saw someone [insert details].  I’m not sure what to make of it.”

He chuckled and said, “You know, men can do that.”

I said, “Ha ha, very funny.  But then again.  Not really.”

I mean, honestly?  I was all kinds of grossed out because it was, if you get my drift, “too close to home.”  I’m not inclined to want to encounter the remnants of THAT – no matter how much rain falls to distill it, disperse it or whatever.

SECOND TIME:  While out on my run, I entered Greenwood Cemetery to make my usual out and back loop.  I spoke to someone walking, and on my way out, they were ahead of me.  I was about one hundred feet from them when they suddenly veered off to the edge of the woods and what do they do?  Begin to relieve themselves in the doggone creek.  I immediately reversed course, killed some time doing an extra loop, and when I came back out, he was gone.

THIRD TIME:  Today I was on my way to meet a fellow author for lunch and what do I hear on the radio?  Evidently NYC is making public urination and drinking LEGAL.  Why?  Because the court system is overloaded with offenders and it’s clogging up the system for the more serious offenses.  I think that’s what I heard.  I came home and looked it up just to be sure and holy hell, it must be true because I found this, and this, and a whole host of other reads on this urgent gotta go topic.

They (the collective, the group, the other folks?) say three’s a charm.  Or, we all know the saying, it comes in threes.  There’s something about the number three which is, I guess, mystical?  And there, right there were three instances on my radar regarding public urination.  I can see this as being necessary when you’re stuck on the interstate in an ice storm for going on fifteen bazillion hours and no access to toilets.  But even many of those poor people tried to twaddle off to the woods to take care of business.

I am perplexed, make that STUMPED as to what the message is I’m supposed to get from this?  The strangeness of it, with only a couple days in between each “event,” of course brought it front and center.  However, if there is something there for me to discern, I’ll be darned if I know what it’s supposed to be, but hey, as a writer, I’ll have to figure out if there’s a way I can use this.  Maybe in a flash fiction story down the road.

Now, tell me this isn’t the strangest post you’ve read all day. 







Ew! Somehow the fact that #2 talked to you makes it even grosser. Hopefully he is not a neighbor!

You win strangest 🙂 (entertaining, though!)

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    Ew is right! Yeah, “Good morning,” and then one minute later, he’s the whiz king. He had to know I would be right behind him. Sheesh.

    No, thank GAWD he’s not a neighbor! If he had been, that would have been the end of his invites to this house. 😉


OMG, Donna! I’m so sorry you were mugged ten years ago. That’s terrible!!! (((( ❤ ))))

Thanks so much for your concern, my dear friend. Please don't worry about me. It's a neighborhood park and many people walk their dogs or jog there at night. Some people — as well as their dogs — have become good friends.

And I promise to be careful. ❤

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    Awww, thank you. It’s been so long now I rarely think of it, but it certainly affected me for quite some time afterwards.

    Your park sounds very nice! And safe! I’m glad – and knowing there are those around who know you is a plus. I would love to go for a run at night. Or for a walk. Around these parts – just not a smart thing to do.


      I’m not sure if inviting you to Israel is a friendly thing to do. But I’d love to have you here, Donna! We’ll have a blast. You will jog at night in the park while I meditate. Then we will take a walk to the beach, it’s nearby. Afterwards we’ll go to Movieing and have coffee (or wine). They also have good food there. Or we might stop by the hummus place, first.
      You will get to meet all my suitors. Nun or no nun, I’d be interested in your opinion.
      Sipping wine (or coffee), we’ll talk about our lives. There will be lots of laughter, that’s for sure. Then we’ll check out Janet’s blog and write. Or just say hello to all our friends before calling it a night. ❤

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      Oh yes, it’s a very nice/friendly thing to do! You’ve painted the perfect picture of a perfect visit. From the jog in the park to our end of the night check in to the Reiders, or family/friends. What I wouldn’t give to see that ancient land…to walk some of the streets in Tel-Aviv and see all that has been there for thousands of years. You must love it there. And speaking of love… I love hummus. And something tells me the hummus here is not like the hummus there.

      And oh yeah, I would give you an honest opinion – it would be fun wouldn’t it?

      Le sigh. Just know Lilac, if I ever have the chance to travel overseas again, I have my list of must see places. Israel is at the top – and even more so now because of you! ❤


      I’m crossing my fingers that you will have a chance to travel again soon and visit me, Donna! I’ll be waiting for you, and I’ll ask the hummus place to prepare the best hummus ever. And you’re right: the hummus here is not like the hummus there. 😉 The same goes for falafel, tahini and pita bread… yummy!

      And I know you’d give me an honest opinion — it would be so much fun… 😀

      Of course your family is also very welcome here. I’d love to meet them! I wonder what your husband’s opinion would be as well…LOL. 😉 ❤

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      I’m hungry already!

      There’s nothing better than a man’s opinion – b/c they KNOW how other men are! My husband’s very thoughtful though, and I’m sure he’d tell you straight up his opinions about those who are handing out their numbers or offering invitations 😉


You’re in trouble (or should I say Urine trouble?) in parts of these here United States for public urination. There are 14 states where if caught and arrested, you have to file as a sex offender. Ripoff!

Years ago, I was driving with a friend to Chicago. We were getting pulled over by the cops. Bummer, right. We pulled over at the next exit. There was a guy off the exit relieving himself. Cop pulled over for that dude and we sailed away back on the highway at 56 mph. So, in that rare instance, I was glad to see someone indecently expose themselves. Otherwise, it strikes me as lazy.


    Oh gawd! Urine trouble? SNORT!!! Little Dog has a quizzical look at my noises over that!

    Public urination is a sanitation issue – at least to me. It wouldn’t surprise me if NC was one of those that makes you register as a sex offender, but honestly? That seems like lumping lazy (yes!) with sickos. You did luck out – but I have to ask, being as you’re a guy, I mean is this sort of looked at by the male population as no biggee? Maybe because we females don’t have the anatomy of convenience 🙂 it’s viewed with a little less tolerance?

    I wonder what my “first offender” would have done if I’d hammered on my kitchen window – like I started to do.


Donna, I experience the same thing! Especially when I go to meditate in the park at night. Guys don’t even bother to find a more hidden spot to urinate, although there are a few options in the park. They do it out in the open, close to me, and it’s me who needs to look the other way.
And now you have the same experience, my dear friend …How about that for a twilight zone? 😉 Maybe we are supposed to work on this together to make it go away. Yuck…


    Yuck was exactly what I thought.

    Oh my word, Lilac! Aren’t you a bit nervous being out there at night? Even here, in my small town, I can’t begin to think about running at night – or walking. Years ago – I think it’s going on ten now, I was mugged while out on my morning run – only a 1/2 mile from the house. The sun wasn’t up yet, but there was enough light to see – i.e. it wasn’t DARK.

    Be careful! There’s something about them choosing to do their “whiz biz” so close to you that makes me think they might be up to no good – or considering being up to no good. I hope the park is heavily populated and this is why you feel safe?

    But yes, definitely queue the Twilight Zone music! LOL!


Hmmmmm – I commented, but POOF it has disappeared. Now what brilliant things did I have to say?

One, “Charm” seems to be the wrong word here.

Tow, 2Ns, “wee-wee weird” for the win – though “gee whiz” gave me an eye roll, Donna.

Maybe the universe’s message for you is …

Let it go?


    THANK YOU for that ear worm, Diane. 🙂

    Charmed, I’m sure. Hee.

    Hey, I almost wanted to apologize for this the topic of this post – but then I remembered: DON’T APOLOGIZE.


      See now, I actually thought of “Let it (Pee)” but figured I should err on the side of discretion.

      Aaaaaand now I know, too, I will never live down the DON’T APOLOGIZE. 🙂 But you do win Teh Intarwebs once again with that one. 😛

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I have to admit that I have watered a tree or two in my time and will do so again in the future. I think this speaks more about consideration and social mores.

On my part I try to be considerate and make sure I am in a place where someone would have to really try to see what I was doing. Those guys are just inconsiderate louts. They expect people to look the other way if they care about others at all.

On you part I have to say that you are something special. Normal people would look the other way and forget about it. being a southern girl I suspect you have seen it many times in the past. Trees are much more numerous than restrooms out in the country.

For some reason you noticed something these three times. Maybe it has to do with being a writer and always looking for those quirks and foibles that define character studies.

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    Gee whiz (haha) I guess if I have to look at it in a positive way that would be it! (noticing it due to being a writer)

    Yep, I have seen plenty of this in my lifetime under, what I would call, typical/normal circumstances. For example, I “graced” a spot by some trees while out hiking a mountain trail a long time ago. There are times when it’s “normal.” But with this, I think I noticed it because they all happened within the span of less than a week and the locations were…you know. Not appropriate, as in, residential area.

    I’ll take the experience and chalk it up to character traits a writer needs in their portfolio. 🙂


Yes, the strangest! I think we’re in trouble when women start wanting and fighting for the right to urinate publicly! Ha!

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Three times? That’s positively Shakespearean. No advice regarding what it means, though. Other than my constant refrain that people are savages….

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    Three times. I’m over here cringing there could be a fourth. 🙂

    I don’t understand it. I found scads of pictures I could have included with this post, but I had to draw the line somewhere. LOL!


Definitely strange and wee-wee weird.


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