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Heaven help me, but I seem to have developed a very ridiculously annoying eye twitch.  It’s the lower lid of my right eye and every time it starts up I feel as if the entire world can see it.  I’m whining about it because it’s come and gone for the past several months, and I’m waiting for it to just be gone – as in permanently.  I’ve heard other people suffering from tight shoulders, headaches, back strain, or even stiff legs from sitting so long, but no one, I mean no one ever brings up the old twitching eye.

It’s bothersome enough that I looked it up on Dr. Google.  Good grief.  Who knew such a minor issue would have such a plethora of causes.  Some of them listed on the site linked above are:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of sleep
  • Maybe caffeine (who knows?  They don’t say how much – and mine is limited to two cups of coffee a day)
  • Maybe alcohol (again, no idea b/c that’s limited to something like a beer per day – wow, big party animal I am)

On another site, which seems less dramatic as far as possible reasons, I believe I’ve found the cause of mine.  Eye strain.

I don’t  know how many hours you spend staring at the “box,” (as my husband calls it) but I’d be willing to bet I’m on this thing my laptop at least 8-9 hours a day.  From the time I get up, and get my first cup of coffee, usually around 6:30 a.m., to the time I force myself to stop tinkering around, which is typically about 7:00 p.m., I’m staring at this screen.  Yes, this one, the one I’m looking at right now.  No eye twitching – yet.

There’s this link off of the site above which talks about *Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS.  There’s such a thing as that?  I guess so.

Some days my lower lid jumping around is so worrisome, I feel like Sargent Carter, from Gomer Pyle.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with that popular show from back in the day, Gomer Pyle (played by Jim Nabors) would aggravate the Sarge with his simple, straightforward, logical way of thinking – which frustrated the Sarge to no end.  Like once in training, Gomer was supposed to be practicing to “kill” the enemy – which was a buddy in his platoon named Duke.  “But, Sarge, I cain’t hardly think of doing that, Duke’s my frayund.”  Many episodes ended with the Sarge’s eye twitching uncontrollably, and dramatically while the “canned” audience laughter went on and on.


So, here I sit, a little twitchy and a little bemused.  On the other hand, my little physical tic tells me I need to take more breaks.  That’s hard sometimes, when you have a goal you’re working towards.  I’ve received some feedback on my latest WIP, but while I’m waiting on the rest – which I don’t expect until maybe end of August or early September, I’m plotting and scheming in several directions.  Maybe I’ll shut this down, and take it outside, work on a notepad, away from the bright screen. Maybe I need a change of scenery.

While I’m half-heartedly joking about this miniscule thing caused by an overuse of technology, I’m also considering the news this past week, the tragedies and losses, the never ending stream of worldly woes.  And, I’m thinking of a change of scenery, a break from another “box,” too.  What would happen if I didn’t turn that on for a while?  I wonder it it would open up my mind, make me less inclined to worry and dwell on issues of the human race?

Have you ever felt like simply disconnecting from all of it?


*FYI – Please reference this comprehensive article about computer vision syndrome (CVS) for the needed accessibility html/code and design elements, a resource for those that rely on web accessibility.

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I hate the news but feel compelled to watch. What we humans do to each other is heartless. It just zaps my soul.

Just the other day my daughter and I were talking about eye twitching. For me it’s stress and computer time.

I am so focused on what I’m working on now I barely get a column out and haven’t updated my blog since (I just checked) the 7th. Feels like forever.
Dropping by here, and a few other blogs keeps me sane.

I’ve been sitting here since 7:30 this morning. Gotta go though, actual get a paycheck job calls.


    I’m glad my little posts help…and yours do too – and yes, I’d noticed it had been a while – but hey, I didn’t post for almost two weeks. People know and understand you’ll be back…. and you can only do what you can do! I want to be focused on the WIP, but still waiting on feedback and there’s no use fiddling around with it until I know all the foibles – so far, definitely more foibles.


I often disconnect. I don’t have internet half the time, or TV. And at those times, I definitely get more done.
Thing is, though, that we all talk of how difficult it is to disconnect, when really, it’s the simplest thing in the world. As you say, walk to the porch — or the chair, or the bed, or anywhere else. There’s a world full of places to be, and our choice whether we’re connected or not.
Just choose not.


    As I was mentioning to Jennine above, my other half is fly fishing and honestly? It’s easier to disconnect when he’s not here b/c he always likes to have a TV on…usually both, so it’s like TV in stereo – as I can hear the one in the living room and the one in the kitchen. UGH. But, having said that, he’s usually watching sports – so that’s MUCH better than news. That I can handle.


      For twenty years I didn’t watch the news. I still avoid it where possible, as it makes me angry even if it doesn’t spark depression.
      And I’ve never been able to stand the radio being on, which made building sites in particular a horrible place to work, despite how enjoyable the work itself and the camaraderie can be.
      Also, when i was still married, and lived with my kids, there was a whole tribe of people who turned on lights and televisions, yet, eerilie, almost never anyone in the rooms with these items as they burned away. Many people turning them on, but only one ever turning them off. And I fought a good battle, but never could win it.
      So I can certainly sympathise with your plight.

      I love having my little bus, it has no TV, and usually no internet either, and if I want internet I just go park outside a library and use theirs.
      And I get so much done. I just wrote a very short novel, only 28,000 words, very basic genre fiction, in 7 days. It felt good, the story’s not bad, and I just know if I’d had internet and TV access the whole time it would have taken a month or more.
      Buy a little motorhome, go spend time in that every day. Or build a tiny yurt in your back yard, only big enough for one person to be in.
      But get some place to be alone, disconnected, and your life gets immeasurably better.


      There was a time when I paid zero attention to the news. I wonder why it is, when we get older, it’s the #1 thing we watch? I actually pride myself on being up to speed on current events, and knowing what’s going on in the world – and for the most part who’s who…but it definitely gets wearisome. Your description of your “tribe” and everything, and all the switches flipped to ON is funny – but I know how frustrating that must have been to feel like you were the only one aware of tv’s blaring, lights burning and voila – an empty room enjoying it all.

      We do have a motor home, what I mentioned as the RV above to Jennine…unfortunately we have nowhere to park it close to the house. I love being in it…but to use it as my little writing headquarters means I’d have to wrangle with the storage unit lot guy to let me in the gate – at some pretty odd hours. 🙂


Yes, I feel it more every day…and especially this week! The slaughter of people in Iraq, the riots in Ferguson, Robin Williams’s sad death…I really feel overwhelmed by all of it. But I think it’s because social media and technology have the news constantly in our faces. I have good groups I use on FB, but I wish I could get to them without having to see the rest of FB! It’s almost a lucky thing the school year is starting again…my mind will be so completely occupied and my time online very limited.


I hope I don’t jinx myself saying this, but I just “got over” a few months of eye twitching insanity. It was a daily thing and, yes, it drove me nuts, as well.
As for the “boxes” – I gave up watching TV about four years ago. My TV has no channels, not even local ones, and I only use it for watching movies when I feel so inclined. I don’t miss it. There are only two or three shows I like right now, and I can order the DVDs or watch it online if I want. I literally went a whole summer without once turning on the TV. It was at that point I decided to ditch cable/channels.
The box that gets me is my computer. I’m not on it as long as you because I work ten hour days in a job that does not require computer work, so when I’m home, I’m staring at this box catching up on e-mail, bloggy stuff, and some social media, though I’m not a fan of that, either.
Personally, my best writing and plotting and creativity happens when I leave the box and work on poster board or paper. I must sound 80 years old! 🙂 I promise I’m only 29.
I hope you’re able to get a good break when it’s needed. Good luck with your WIP!


    Yay! Oh, I mean, I’m sorry you had the infamous “eye twitch,” too. But yay! Cause you’re 29, and I was thinking this sounds like such an old lady thing. LOL!

    I’m so impressed that you’ve not watched TV in all that time. I have to imagine at first it’s hard, but then – sort of like giving up sugar…and then, it’s a little easier, until one day, you don’t even think about it. Obviously, I’m still staring at this “thing,” b/c I’m replying back…but I think today, I’ll go outside with a pen/paper and plot some changes that way. It’s going to be nice…so, perfect time to do just that.


I’ve had twitches like that most of my life, always as a stress reaction. Sometimes the eye, sometimes the thumb – the worst is when there is a twitching deep inside my inner ear.

As to the boxes of all varieties – ahh, wouldn’t it be so grand to be able to just get away and open BOOKS instead? Or maybe someone else’s thoughts. Always good to have conversation when things are otherwise peaceful.


    I don’t know how you’ve stood it. I mean, sure, a twitch here or there, like a muscle spasm in the legs (actually I have bad leg cramps at night – usually more so when I run in the heat, so I know that’s sodium/potassium imbalances) but I swear! This eye twitch thingy is nuts. And for the birds. And a pain in the…anyway!

    And yes, it would be so nice to do that instead…much nicer. And sometimes, my husband and I just walk out the door and go sit on the porch and talk – and I’d much rather do that – any day..


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